Company History

Our story

Originally called Colonial Bank, we were born in 1837 as the first commercial bank in Trinidad and Tobago. Our 183-year history is testimony to a successful growth strategy fuelled by expansion through acquisition, prudent risk management principles, comprehensive and innovative corporate social investment programmes and initiatives, and visionary leadership paired with multitalented and loyal employees.

Through the years, we continuously evolved to match the demands of growing economies and the rapid social changes in the markets where we currently operate. Significant expansion during this period, through the acquisition of several subsidiaries, resulted in Republic Bank performing dual roles of a licensed commercial bank and a holding company for its subsidiaries. While the roles were well managed, the Group needed a more sustainable structure to facilitate even more effective management and good governance given our current and future strategies.

In December 2015, a decision was taken to form Republic Financial Holdings Limited by a Vesting Order, under the Financial Institutions Act, Chap 79:09, of the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago; successfully bringing the structure of the Republic Group in line with international best practices to facilitate future growth.

Who we are today

Headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) is the registered owner of all the banks in the Republic Group – Republic Bank Limited, Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited, Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited, Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited, Republic Bank (Suriname) N.V., Cayman National Corporation, Republic Bank (EC) Limited, Republic Bank (Anguilla) Limited, Republic Bank (St. Maarten) N.V. and Republic Bank (Ghana) Plc., Republic Bank (BVI) Limited as well as Republic Wealth Management Limited and other subsidiaries. Across these markets, RFHL offers an extensive range of banking services, including credit and debit card issuance and processing, leasing, trustee services, mutual fund and investment management, and merchant banking.

As at September 30, 2021, the Group’s asset base stood at US$16.3 million, and declared a net profit after tax and non-controlling interest of US$195.8 million. The Group currently employs more than 6,058 staff in 23 subsidiaries operating in 14 countries.

While the Group continues its journey of financial growth and development, and teamwork with the community to bring about positive change, it is pledged to continually raise the standards of banking locally, regionally, and internationally.